Kali Puja Services


Kali Puja Services

Kali Puja Services in Australia: 0414 296 151

A popular time to worship Goddess Kali is the new moon night falling on October/ November. Celebrated as Kali Puja in Australia, especially in India, the day is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Kali, the first of the ten incarnations of Goddess Durga. The name originates from Sanskrit- Kala- meaning black and death.

Hence, worshiped as the Goddess who destroys all the evil and brings hope and light into the world. The day coincides with the celebration of Diwali- a similar fest to honor the triumph of good over evil. While Bengal worships Goddess Kali to drive out the evil forces and spirits, the rest of India offer their prayers to Goddess Lakshmi to welcome wealth, health and prosperity into their homes. Also known as the Shyama Puja or Tantrik Kali Puja, the occasion is celebrated in North India with much pomp and decor and preparations will be in full swing a week before.

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